Things to do in Skenes CreekSand Castle

Bored ? We don't believe it. You don't even need to leave Skenes Creek to keep entertained for a few days:

  1.  Surf/boogie board - Boards available to hire from office
  2. SurfboardGo fishing in the surf or creek
  3. Play ball
  4. Walk along the beach
  5. Fossick for shells
  6. Explore Rock pools and secluded bays walking east
  7. Enjoy a BBQ or picnic here or over the bridge
  8. Build a sandcastle, sunbake, read lots of books !
  9. Go cycling
  10. Get a birds eye view  of the bay & hills from Wild Dog Road/ 4WD track and Mariners lookout.  Walk or drive!
  11. Treat yourself to a meal at Chris's restaurantCup of coffee
  12. Watch a video or play pool in the lounge on a rainy day